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Who Knew I Could Feel This Good!

A beautiful clear day, the smell of freshly cut lawn and a good cigar to keep you company. Life’s good, right? I used to love to golf (even though I’m terrible). Well, that was the case until I tweaked my lower back at the base of my spine. This has caused major discomfort for the past 3 years.

I am a huge fan of chiropractic care as it’s made a big difference to my health throughout various times of my life, but I have tended to only go when something was wrong, rather then general preventative maintenance.


So, when this first happened, I thought to myself, “I’d better get in to a chiropractor”. And, I did, for 6 months and it didn’t get better. In fact, it was getting worse. I became frustrated with the money I was spending with no results so I quit going and have quietly lived with this constant pain for the last several years, knowing eventually, I’d need to go see a doctor, have Xray’s and get this taken care of. But, being the skilled man that I am, I procrastinated until a sneeze changed my life one morning.


In all fairness, it was a big sneeze. I’m a very early riser and sitting in my easy chair one-morning, reading and an Earth shattering sneeze overtakes me. Like clockwork, 10 minutes later, my back seizes up and sends me to the floor in pain. So, here I am, back thrown out, writhing on the floor in pain and not even realizing why. I had just been sitting peacefully in my chair. I didn’t equate the sneeze as the culprit as it was 10 minutes earlier and already a distant memory.


Later that morning, I was referred to Dr. Ritter by our Executive Assistant, Lorraine Jones. “You’re going to love him, he’s amazing”

You’re going to love him, he’s amazing

was Lorraine’s enthusiastic endorsement. I now know what Lorraine meant. Dr. Ritter has changed my life. Let me tell you a bit about him.


When I first met Dr. Ritter, he sat me down and thoughtfully explained to me the type of Chiropractic care he practices. He uses Applied Kinesiology and utilizes a special type of Chiropractic table called the Thompson Drop Down Table. This table in essence works with Newton’s Law’s of Motion; an object in motion will stay in motion until it hits an un-moveable object. The table has different areas that can be raised to varying levels and when you are adjusted, your body moves downward with the table until the table stops. For the most part, I haven’t felt the ‘popping’ like I’ve experienced with other traditional forms of Chiropractic care though.


Todd with Dr. Kenneth Ritter

Dr. Ritter spends a lot of time with you. He’s a very jovial guy and you can tell he just loves his life and his work. It exudes from him. You feel like you’re his only patient and he happily walks around you as you’re laying on the table. He feels your spine with his fingertips and he says he can tell more from that then an X-ray would tell him. It comes from a life-long career in this field. His experience is invaluable.


He asked me if I had had any big sneezes lately

He asked me if I had had any big sneezes lately  and I told him, “Why, yes, just this morning”. He responds, “Yep, that’s what it is, you popped a rib head out and it takes about 10 minutes for the inflammation to kick in and get you.”


Now, through my consultation I informed him of my golfing injury and he’s worked with me on it now for the last several months. To my amazement, it’s about 80% better and keeps improving. You know how when you have an injury or something bothering you it’s always top of mind? That’s how this has been, but lately, I’ve noticed I’m not thinking about it. The pain is insignificant now.


Dr. Ritter graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where he formed the Thompson Club in honor of Dr. Thompson whom created the Thompson Drop Down Table. Dr. Ritter was fortunate enough to meet and become friends with Dr. Thompson, whose technique had influenced him so greatly.

I’d treat my patients for free. They’d need to bring me a chicken, dried apricot’s and a coconut though in trade

I can’t thank Dr. Ritter enough. I am feeling fantastic and I owe it to him. I now faithfully go every two weeks and I will absolutely not miss. He’s made a believer of me. At my appointment just today, Dr. Ritter told me, “I love what I do so much. If it weren’t for the overhead of running the business, I’d treat my patients for free. They’d need to bring me a chicken, dried apricot’s and a coconut though in trade.He then chuckled.


If you are in pain or have a nagging injury, I can’t recommend Dr. Ritter enough. He’s one of a kind.


Check out Ritter Chiropractic at www.RitterFamilyChiropractic.com

1706 E. Bullard Ave | Fresno | CA | 93710     559.432.3332


All the Best,

Todd Mitchell



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