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As a real estate professional, we always want to make sure we are using reputable companies and vendors for our clients. As you grow in this business, you learn that not everyone is looking out for your clients. Unfortunately, some are in it just for the money and not to help people. You quickly learn who’s word you can trust and who’s word means nothing.


I met Dan Aguirre back in 2014. I was working with new buyers, Sammuel and Patricia to find the perfect new home so they could start the next chapter of their lives. During our buyer consultation, we found out we had a great deal in common. Sammuel used to play in our church band and we connected right away. The search began for the new home and not long after, we found it, perfect for their young family.


As we began to discuss the many choices of inspections, Patricia informed me that their Dad was a home inspector and they would be usingPremier Home Inspections. When I arrived for the scheduled home inspection,  Dan Aguirre walked over with a huge, infectious smile, to introduce himself. My first impression of Dan was of kindness, politeness, humor, humility and overall, just a happy man. These traits just flood out of Dan and you’ll know what I mean if you ever get the pleasure of meeting him.


We began to talk, and as it was with his son Samuel, we quickly discovered that we have a great deal in common as well. Dan’s father was the bus driver for St. Mary’s Catholic Church that would take my sisters and I to Catechism on Saturdays.  I had very fond memories of his dad. Dan later told me that he graduated with my older brother and began to list his siblings; I knew them all. They went to high school with my brother and sisters. It’s amazing sometimes how this large city can quickly seem so small.

Dan’s reports were well written, provided considerable detail, and demonstrated thorough professionalism

The inspection went very well. Dan’s reports were well written, provided considerable detail, and demonstrated thorough professionalism. I was impressed. During our next weekly meeting, Todd and I discussed utilizing Premier Home Inspections as one of our affiliate partners. We added Premier to our website and they are now our preferred home inspection company, servicing dozens and dozens of our clients over the past 2 years. The things in life that matter to us as business owners, matter to Dan, and we appreciate him for that. Being responsive, professional, kind and honest are just a few of those qualities.  Making our clients comfortable during the home buying or selling process is key to our success, and Dan is a good partner to have in this endeavor.


Dan Aguirre

Linda with Dan Aguirre. Check them out at or call 559-908-1880

I began to introduce Dan to more of the local real estate community and encouraged him to attend events and organically grow his business. Dan is also bilingual, which in Fresno County, makes it even better for him to thoroughly assist his client base.


In 2016, Dan was appointed to serve on the board for The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Dan is also currently a member of The Fresno Association of Realtors. Community involvement and giving back are two things Dan is passionate about.


Dan is genuinely one of the kindest and most positive persons I know.  If you have an opportunity to meet him, don’t waste it. Go introduce yourself, unless of course he approaches you first. Dan’s smile can warm a room.


Dan began Premier Home Inspections in 2013. His prior experience as a Building Services Supervisor for over 18 years with the City of Fresno, prepared him for his new career. Dan and his wife Mary have been married for 36 joyful years. They have 7 children and 14 grandchildren. His pride and joy can be found in his grand babies and his wife Mary to whom he affectionately refers to as, “His Honey.” Dan definitely enjoys spending time with his family.


When I asked Dan why he got into this business, he responded, “I feel like I’m helping people by providing a service. It means a lot to me and that’s worth more than the money I make.”


Dan continues to grow his business and has plans to incorporate commercial inspections, mold inspections and air quality inspections, to name just a few. Based on the needs of our community, there is a demand that needs to be met, Dan is the man!!


We like to tease Dan that he resembles Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. Recently, Dan humored us by posting a side by side picture on Facebook of him next to Karate Kid’s Pat Morita. It’s great that we can have fun like that.











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We are best friends, partners, parents, business owners, constant learners, goal setters, serial entrepreneurs, authors and above all, authentic.

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