Pincushion Hill

What an awesome hike!

I’ve always been an active person. Whether it’s running along the canal bank while my kids rode their bikes, doing yard work or going to the gym, I love staying on the move.


A few weekends ago, I informed Todd I wanted to take a hike as it was a gorgeous day and I need to get my backside in gear and start getting in shape. I had noticed a post on an interesting nearby hike that popped up in my Facebook newsfeed called Pincushion Hill. It is the trail on the backside of Millerton Lake located at the end of Sky Harbor Road.

There are miles of trails and you can take it pretty much as far as you want to

There are miles of trails and you can take it pretty much as far as you want to. This was a spontaneous outing for us with no planning, we just grabbed some water bottles and took off for a mini adventure.


When we got there, we noticed the place was packed. In retrospect, it was because of spring break and they had also had an organized adventure run there earlier that day. We put our hiking boots on, Todd flung his backpack over his shoulder and we hit the trail.  We often remark that Fresno is the biggest small town in the world as we seem to always run into someone we know and that we did as we encountered fellow Northpointe Community Church friends, the Rojas family early in our Trek.


As we plowed ahead, you couldn’t help but think that it was the perfect day for such a nice hike.  With the sun shining brightly and the weather in the mid 60’s, it was just ideal. The wildflowers on the mountains were out in full force and splashing color everywhere!

The wildflowers on the mountains were out in full force and splashing color everywhere

The air was clean the sky was a brilliant blue with the fluffiest of clouds. There were cows with their calves grazing on the grass and honestly, it was the best way to spend our day. It turned off our ever-churning work brains and we were able to simply enjoy and appreciate life’s little pleasures.


We conquered Pincushion Hill and we got a view of Millerton Lake running into tributaries all around us. As we were enjoying the spectacular view, we noticed a taller mountain looming in the distance and we knew we had to conquer that one as well. It was steep, rocky and seemingly straight up to the top. As we headed off, our hearts were pumping, it was a great feeling of accomplishment upon reaching the top. We stayed up there for quite some time taking in the 360° view of the hills, wildflowers, and lake. We know we’ll be back sooner than later.


Next time though, maybe we’ll adventure even further into the miles and miles of trails. We’ll be sure to pack some snacks, drinks and maybe a blanket to sit on. We’re already looking forward to it too!


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