2016 From the Rear-View Mirror

Confessions from a Reflective Learner

Once upon a time, it was explained to me that each year you get older, that year represents less of your overall lifespan. It’s why summers as a 10-year-old child seemed to be so long and yet, as adults, we blink and a year shoots by. When you’re 10 years old, one year is 1/10th of your lifespan, when you’re 40, it’s 1/40th.  That explanation makes sense as to how 2016 went by so quickly when in some ways, it seems as if it was just January of 2016.


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RDL 027: Time Management; Ours stinks!


Work in Progress | My Time Management Stinks! | Facebook | Tracking Your Habits | Timeline Eradicator | To-Do Lists | Pomodoro Technique

Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 27


Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, trend-setters, life-hackers and all around Go-Get’ers! I’ve come to the realization that my time management stinks! Flat out. Truth be told, I’ve known this for quite some time though so it’s not exactly new news or a life shattering realization. One good thing though is, I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be! Welcome back to the Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 27 as Linda and I talk about the places we’re failing with our own time management plus few things we’re going to be working on to make changes in 2017. Continue reading…

Words that Burn

Word of the Month: Emotions

If you’re like me, there are times when you meet someone and immediately they remind you of someone you know. Either good or bad, it could go either way. It could be someone you’d love to see, or someone you’d like to avoid altogether. In this situation, we either back away or close in based on the emotion we’ve connected that person with.

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What’s on our Nightstands

Todd: My Top 5 Picks of the Year! (2016)

No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy, by Dan S. Kennedy:  If you’ve been listening to our Podcast then you’ll recognize the name. I’ve read out of this book several times. If you talk about an all purpose Entrepreneur Bible of sorts, this would be it. The name rings true as well as Kennedy doesn’t hold his punches. He tells it like it is from his viewpoint. I really appreciate that. This is a must read!

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Learning to Eat Healthy

It’s that time of year when we decide to start making healthier choices; after the holidays of course! Learning to Eat Healthy is choice and it’s definitely obtainable…

Our memories and senses inhale the baking of fudge, Christmas cookies, pies and vast variety of Holiday Treats. As Todd and I have progressed throughout 2016 and our Self-Care versus Healthcare awareness journey, I’ve recently been learning about refined sugar.  When I Googled the definition for refine, the first item that popped up was quite a surprise, sugar was in the description, and, very scary!

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RDL 026: Morning Routine that will Super Charge Your Life!


WD-40 | Squeaky Brain | Supercharge Your Life | Hal Elrod | Miracle Morning

Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 26


Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, trend-setters, life-hackers and all around Go-Get’ers! I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to talk about something that has become very important to me; my morning routine. I’m tracking #460 week days in a row now and this has become an integral part of my day and who I’ve become and am becoming. Continue reading…

Business Spotlight: PC Pierce

Website Extraordinaire – All Around Great Guy!

When you start a business it’s truly a daunting task. You have decision after decision that needs to be made. And, these are not inconsequential decisions. They are important. From coming up with a name that is both catchy and memorable, to developing a brand, you need to be on point and on message. When we founded Green Fin Realty, Inc back in 2014, we knew that to become successful marketers in the Digital Age, we had to be very strategic, and with that, our website was going to be of utmost importance. We mapped out strategies to drive online traffic to our featured landing pages and optimize for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our website would be the hub of our hub and spoke design.

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Client Stories: 950 N. Arthur Avenue

Oh, the essence of Todd & Linda Mitchell!!! These are the people that you WANT on your side!  My husband came to my work one day and said that he was meeting with some realtors because we were going to look for a new house! Little did I know just what we were in for!  After meeting with Todd & Linda and getting specific about what we wanted in a home, we started looking at properties online… We took one day, about three weeks into this search and went from house to house that we’d wanted to see…

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RDL 025: Are you Bullet Proof?


Ready for the New Year | Shot out of a Gun | We’re Evolving | Bulletproof Coffee | Grass Fed Butter | Rocket Fuel | Brain Octane | Ketosis | Ketones

Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 25


Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, trend-setters, life-hackers and all around Go-Get’ers! Here we are, 2017, and we’re off to the races. At least Linda and I are. We’ve fully documented our goals for the year, categorized them and written action plans around how we’re going to achieve each goal. Let me tell you, they’re lofty and a bit disconcerting to be truthful. However, if you’re not at least a little uncomfortable, then you may need to go back to the drawing board and stretch those goals out just a bit. Welcome back to the RDL – Episode 25   and thank you for listening this week. We Appreciate you! Continue reading…

Realize Your Dreams Through the Power of Goal Setting


I know, everyone has heard it before; “you need to write your goals down.”


You may even tell yourself this each year that you should be doing this. You want to realize your dreams and you know you’re capable of accomplishing more. You set out to actually write your goals down for the first time but then things happen. Your kids get the flu, you’re behind on your Christmas shopping, you get a new demanding client and there goes your goal setting idea to the land of ‘best intentions’ to join in with many other once great ideas.


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