Client Stories: 5270 N Feland Avenue

Let the Bidding Begin!

Over the course of now 11 of these newsletters, you’ve heard Linda and I talk about The Value-Driven Approach as our strategy for selling homes. By the way, we are in the midst of re-naming The Value-Driven Approach as I’m now 70% done with writing a detailed How-To book on the exact steps we’ve learned on how to prepare your home for the market, increase your profit by up to $25,000 dollars and crush your competition. I’m targeting late summer to have this book on sale via Amazon; more to follow on that down the road. One small problem though is I am having a complete block on what to name this book. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] with your idea. I’d really appreciate it! Continue reading…

Business Spotlight: The Inn at Avila Beach

Imagine your Best Friends Beach House

It’s fun being spontaneous, wouldn’t you agree? On a whim, I’ll get a call from Linda or visa versa and we’ll decide to get out of Fresno for the night (or weekend). This is more common in the heat of the summer and the conversation tends to go something like this – Me: It’s going to be 110 this weekend. Linda: Let’s get the heck out of here. Me: Alright, I can be ready by 3 pm. Linda: I’ll make a reservation. And so it goes… Continue reading…

Get “Big Mo” on your Team!

With the Right kind of Momentum, You can be Unstoppable

If you’ve ever talked to me for longer than 10 minutes, chances are I’ve told you to read The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy. It’s one of my all-time favorite books and I’m going through it right now for the 3rd time. Each new time, it seems a different area of the book resonates with me depending on where I’m at in my personal development at that point in time. Well, this time around, the Compound Effect has re-introduced to a dear friend that comes to visit me from time to time; sometimes when I’m not even expecting him. We’ve spent a lot of time together in various points of my life. And, sometimes I truly long to see him but he’s nowhere to be found. He’s really good friends with people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Michael Phelps, Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan, just to name a few. His name is BIG MO and believe me, you want him on your team because when he arrives, he comes LOUD and PROUD and you’re always happy to see him. Continue reading…

RDL 029: Ditching The Employee Mindset

BannerEmployee Attitude | Employer Attitude | No Plan B | Fully Committed | Don’t Depend on Someone Else for your Success

Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 29


Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, trend-setters, life-hackers and all around Go-Get’ers! Realtors – As a 1099 Contractor, you’re a business owner now and it’s time to start acting like it.  On Episode 28 we had a great interview with Rich Manfredo, the CEO of Paystub Services, Inc. on avoiding problems with the IRS. Through the conversation, the mindset of acting like a business owner came up and Linda and I decided it was worthy of further discussion. Continue reading…

Words that Burn

Word of the Month: Goals

It’s that time of year and we should have already set our goals for 2017. If you haven’t yet though, it’s not too late. As they say, it’s better late than never. This is when we decide that after the holidays we are going to lose weight, eat healthier, do better financially, spend more time with loved ones, yada, yada, yada!

Continue reading…

RDL 028: The 1099 Contractor IRS Tax Dilemma


1099 Contractor Tax Problems | Independent Contractor | 10-50K in Tax Debt | Sole Proprietor | Business License

Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 28


Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, trend-setters, life-hackers and all around Go-Get’ers! Here we are, getting ready to enter the height of tax season. If you’re a realtor or any 1099 contractor, then by now you should have received your 1099 in the mail and you may be thinking to yourself, uh-oh.  Welcome back to the Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 28 as Linda and I talk through some strategies that you can adopt in advance and avoid tax debt and problems with the IRS. This week, our special guest is Rich Manfredo whom is the President and CEO of Paystub Services, Inc. Continue reading…

The way we were

The things we did back then!

I woke up recently and found myself going down memory lane, all the way back to my childhood. You see, growing up for me wasn’t anything like Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best. Continue reading…

Client Stories: 6582 N. Bendel Avenue

The House that Didn’t Want to be Sold

Our journey with Dan and Vicky started in the fall of 2015 when one day while driving back to our office, Linda spotted a gentlemen out watering his front yard with a For Sale By Owner sign prominently displayed in his front yard. Being the inquisitive person she is, she couldn’t help but stop and strike up a conversation with Dan regarding his FSBO sign. Dan told Linda that it was an investment property and he’d had no luck selling but would soon be listing it with an agent that he’d recently hired. Continue reading…

Business Spotlight: Jeffrey Cook Videography

Telling People’s Stories – Jeff Cook, Story Teller

Most of you that know me also know that I’m a bit of a tech geek. From photography, videography, websites, podcast, Photoshop, you name it, I’ve got my hands into it at some level and I’m not afraid to learn new forms of technology or software applications. When you start to develop these types of skill sets, it hone’s your senses in and makes you aware of others that share in your same passions. Jeff Cook is one of those people that stood out and caught my attention. Continue reading…