Medical Dental Pharmacy

Medical Dental Pharmacy

SELF-CARE vs Healthcare

When I first walked in to Medical Dental Pharmacy, I wasn’t sure just how comfortable I was with talking about the changes I was experiencing with my body, these things were intensely private to me.

You see, for the first time in my life, I had skipped a cycle and this was very abnormal for me.

I had skipped a cycle and this was very abnormal for me

It was on my calendar each month and had never disappointed. I went to my general practice doctor and she quickly surmised my condition and informed me I was going through pre-menopause, she would give me estrogen to help. I told her I did not want to take anything that was not natural, but she assured me it had all natural ingredients. I then asked her what the side effects would be, and she said increased facial hair and weight gain. I remember telling her, “Oh, heck NO! Why would I take something that would do that? I pay to have facial hair removed and I’ve been working out to lose weight, so no, I won’t take it.”  


Like so many times before, she gave me a bag of pills and sent me on my way.  Well, I took that bag and placed it in my closet along with many other bags of “sample” drugs she had given me over the past 2 years, that I never asked for and never took.


So, I started doing research and I ran across Dr. John Lee, who had written a book called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause: Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty. Dr. Lee mentioned the importance of having saliva testing completed for hormonal changes and to do this before taking any type of estrogen treatments.  Further research led me to Medical Dental Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy in NE Fresno located at the SE corner of First and Nees. I had my doctor write me a prescription for the saliva test which I took to Medical Dental Pharmacy, and that is when I first met Diana Smith and my journey to health through SELF-CARE began.


Diana Smith is the CEO, Owner and Pharmacist of Medical Dental Pharmacy, and let me tell you, what an exceptional person she is. Diana was very patient and I immediately felt comfortable telling her about every ache, pain and strange things I was experiencing. We discussed all my symptoms and she gave me very valuable information on what was going on with my body. More importantly though, she took time with me and I felt important to her which was a much different feeling then what I experience with my GP.


I embarked on having the saliva testing completed and once the results were in, I had a consultation appointment with Diana.


She informed me that all of my hormone levels were so low they weren’t even registering

She informed me that all of my hormone levels were so low they weren’t even registering. That is, except estrogen, and it was so low it wasn’t helping my body. Diana showed me that by taking all natural herbal supplements, instead of prescription drugs, my hormones could be balanced, and it would eliminate side effects.  Diana put me on a 6-month herbal supplement plan and I went to work to get healthy. We would re-test in 6 months to gage the results.


At the end of those 6 months, I was tested again and every hormone was now testing in range and normal, I couldn’t believe it!! I was feeling great! I was in shape and the symptoms were disappearing.  Diana was my health hero!!


Diana has been helping me since 2003. Her approach to health has educated me, has transformed me, and I’m so much healthier now as a result. I’m not against going to the doctor. I just want to stay away from them and prescription drugs as much as possible. Diana’s attention to women’s health and hormonal support for men and women is unmatched. She is continually learning and currently focusing on genetics and the influence of nutrition on enzyme deficiencies and how genetics cause disease. Her desire to learn is driven by wanting to help her clients be educated in their health, bodies and how to live full, happy and productive lives.


We have choices to make with self-care vs. healthcare. I do not want to rely on the medical industry to give me prescriptions for my symptoms without attempting to find the root cause. I would rather spend my money on natural, herbal supplements, than prescriptions.


Please drop in and say hello to my friend, Diana Smith and congratulate her, as she just got married this month.


Many thanks Diana and congratulations!!


Linda Mitchell

Check them out at 559-439-1190

689 E. Nees Ave, Fresno, CA 93720.

Linda & Dianna

Linda with Diana Smith










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