Client Stories: 5193 W Los Altos – Part 2

Creating the Best House on the Street

What an amazing success! Sometimes, even Linda and I are taken back by the results our Value-Optimized Approach can achieve. If you recall, last month we wrote about Velda in part 1 of her story. If you didn’t catch it, you can find out more about Velda and the rehab of her house at


Velda is a remarkable woman and we so enjoyed working with her as well as her niece, Maria and Maria’s husband Kevin, who live on the East Coast. Developing relationships with folks like this is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of our job. And, one that we’re very thankful for. It makes every aspect of what we do so much more enjoyable when you’re able to connect with people at a deep level. The power is in someone’s story and it’s our job to incorporate that story into the marketing and narrative of their house to the best of our ability.


Let’s face it, prospective buyers have a lot of options to house hunt outside of a realtor. They’re looking online at Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and long before they ever reach out to a Realtor. If your home doesn’t make an overwhelming first impression that burns into their conscience, you may just slip into the average DOM (Days On Market) here in Fresno. For April 2017, that average was 31 days. To make matters worse, in this market, if your home hasn’t sold in just a couple of weeks, it’s considered stale. That means buyers typically smell blood and have no intention of making a full price offer. To contrast that, Linda and I are averaging 4 days and 103.96% of list price. You see, through the fine-tuning of our Value-Optimized Approach the last 3 years, we’ve learned how to make our client’s homes stand out and distance themselves from that of the competition.


Anyway, as we concluded part 1 of the story, we had just finished up with photography and videography and were getting ready to launch our coming soon campaign, which is highly targeted paid advertising. You see, there is a specific psychology to running an effective coming soon campaign, and it ties back to how the human brain is wired to think. In our “I want it now” society, when you generate a BUZZ for something that people can’t have (yet), it sets the stage for a successful public launch once they can have it.


We’re making a lasting emotional connection prior to them seeing the home in person and this t’s up competition and often, multiple over-asking offers. I adopted this technique after reading Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. If you’re in sales of any kind, I highly encourage you to read this incredible book.

We were able to generate 7,864 views of the property listing video and 10,316 online impressions


Los Altos Ave was a highly successful coming soon campaign for us too. After one week, we were able to generate 7,864 views of the property listing video, 10,316 online impressions made which lead to 448 clicks to our featured property web page at


When we finally got to launch day, circumstances were not ideal. It stormed and rained all weekend long. That didn’t deter people though. We had 35+ showings, 4 offers and sold for $240,500, 102.5% of list price in just 4 days.


Check out the before pictures below for a direct comparison.


Before Pictures:


After Pictures:


When I first met Velda and Maria in early February, I would have listed Los Altos Ave for $195,000. The total rehab expense was right at $15,000 but moved the overall sales price up by $45,500 which equated to an extra $30,000 that Velda now had to contribute towards the cost of the assisted living facility she is now living in.


This was the outcome that was needed and Linda and I are truly blessed to have been able to help Velda accomplish this goal and to have been part of her story.


Thank you, Velda, Maria, and Kevin for putting your faith in us and trusting in our process. We appreciate you so very much.






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