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Earlier this year, I had a buyer where for several months, we had been diligently searching to find the perfect home for him. As you can imagine, you have to sift through a lot of inventory (ugly houses) before you eventually find that proverbial needle in the haystack. However, we were both determined and one day, that’s exactly what happened. I finally found what I thought would be the ideal home for him. It checked all the boxes he had identified. Excited, I picked up the phone and called him late one evening. After giving him the address and discussing specifics regarding the house, he told me that he liked it but his girlfriend wasn’t really impressed. I assured him though, that I felt this was his house.  We needed to go see it the next day and I had already made a 3 pm appointment. He agreed to go see the house. The next day, we met at 3 pm and toured the house. As I anticipated, he LOVED it and immediately made an offer. After a few days of negotiations, his offer was accepted. We opened escrow and immediately scheduled his buyer inspections.


This all happened this past winter season when we received so much rain. After 10 years of drought, most of us in the Real Estate profession had to get use to wet, cold, slippery and less than ideal circumstances. After all, business doesn’t just stop because it’s raining. As such, of course, it was raining the day of his scheduled home inspection.  We both arrived at the house at the same time and I proceeded to retrieve the key which was located in the lock box affixed to the gas meter on the side of the house. As I headed over, I inadvertently stepped smack dab into a spot of slimy green algae on the concrete.  And, down I went. Although this is the first time this had happened, I guess it is an occupational hazard of sorts.

He had a front row seat to my pending fall

It all happened quite fast but, on my way down, I felt a hand grab me under my arm. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but my client had walked over behind me as I went to get the key. He had a front row seat to my pending fall and as a gentlemen, he was trying to help keep me from going all the way down. Unfortunately, however, to no avail. Now, we both were headed down, and we landed pretty hard too. It was one of those moments we all have had. You know, the ones where you have to have been there to explain it properly. And there we were, on the concrete, in the middle of the slimy green algae. We looked at each other and just started laughing hysterically. We were both okay other than maybe a couple of bruised egos.


Rest assured, as you’ve read in several of my Stories from the Street segments, all kinds of things happen in the fast paced world of Real Estate. This, however, was a first-time agent/client slip and fall for me. And, to date, it’s the funniest incident I’ve experienced yet.


All kinds of things happen in the fast paced world of Real Estate

I like that my clients are patient and understanding and, that we can enjoy moments like these. During the life cycle of home buying, we are like family and I like the feeling of knowing I have played an important part of someone’s new beginning.


I am blessed beyond measure to have a business and career that I love. I’ve learned that helping people needs to be the primary focus of my work. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes more than I care to admit. In the end though, helping people with this phase of their lives is truly gratifying.


My client is now settling into his new home. It’s been a long time coming too as he’s been actively updating this new home prior to moving in. I’m excited to go see what he’s done with the place.


Linda Mitchell

Todd Mitchell

We are best friends, partners, parents, business owners, constant learners, goal setters, serial entrepreneurs, authors and above all, authentic.

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