The Insect and Mosquito Trap

We recently spotted the Dynatrap Insect and Mosquito Trap at Costco. However, we hemmed and hawed and didn’t pick it up. I did however, go back and start doing research on this gizmo and quickly realized I should have bought it.


The next weekend we went to all 3 Costco’s in town and, sure enough, they were all sold out. Linda ended up finding one at Walmart and picked it up for $89.00.


I must say, it’s been pretty awesome so far. We like to sit outside in our backyard and enjoy the summer evenings with a glass of wine as we recap our day. The problem though, the mosquitoes LOVE Linda and in no time, she’ll have multiple bites. Needless to say, our evenings are always cut short do to all the pesky mosquitoes that plague our backyard.


We’ve been running the Dynatrap now for a month and Linda can now sit outside bite free for an evening.  It’s not a bug zapper. It’s a lifecycle eradicator, if you will. You place it 20 feet (approximately) from where you sit and it runs 24/7.


It has a black light and also emits carbon dioxide which draws the bugs to it. Once there, it sucks them into the trap where they die. Over 3-4 weeks, it eradicates the mosquito population.


Linda and I were both pretty skeptical to be honest but, this has made a believer out of us at least so far. I hope the good results last.


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