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Diamond Auto Body

Simply as good as it gets!

You can go many years without needing their services or you can be there all the time.  I must say, although I’ve been nicknamed Evil Knievel since I was old enough to drive, I rarely caused an accident. Notice I said, “caused”.


My first car accident was back in the eighties as a new driver. An elderly gentleman sideswiped my car as I was making a left turn. He didn’t see me or hear my horn honking non stop. I was unable to move out of the way in time as he plowed into me.


After calling into his insurance company, they confused my accident with one he’d had 2 days before, which was a front-end collision. I felt relieved for some strange reason; it could have been much worse.


I’ve been accident free since, until 2011. The first incident was just really unfortunate. My car was parked and a client backed his truck right into my BMW.  So now I needed an auto body shop and one that took pride in the quality and service they provided, and also stood behind their work.

Linda with Arthur and Archy Petrosyan

Linda with Arthur & Archy Petrosyan. Check them out at www.diamondautobodyandpaint.com or call 559-439-3868


After checking around, I ended up being referred to Diamond Auto Body directly by BMW of Fresno. Diamond is an authorized repair center for BMW and works closely with many of the high-end dealerships in Fresno, as they are known for their precision work and attention to detail. So off I go to get a quote at Diamond Auto Body where I met with the owner, Archy Petrosyan.


Archy is one of the most authentic person’s you’ll have the privilege of meeting. He is humble, polite and intelligent. I was impressed with the concern and compassion he showed me as I was clearly upset about my car being damaged.


I was also unsure of what the process was to have the car repaired and how to properly bill the insurance company.  However, Archy portrays a friendly confidence that just makes you feel at ease. This was very reassuring for me.


Archy is one of the most authentic person’s you’ll have the privilege of meeting

The car was repaired in a timely manner and I was happy once again. That is until, 30 days later when I was rear-ended on my way home from work.  So back to Diamond Auto Body I go for yet another visit with Archy.


Archy was happy to see me but not my car. Well, maybe my car too, that is how his business grows.


Since then, we have taken my husband’s truck in to have some “lady bumps” fixed that I may have indirectly caused while backing it out of the garage. For those that don’t know, lady bumps are when you dent or put a scratch on your husband’s vehicle; ouch!


Archy and his sons Arthur & Peter do a fabulous job of taking care of us and have the best customer service.  They have always gone above and beyond with the service they have provided my family. Without question, they are our go-to shop for repairs to our vehicles. They have even replaced rock chipped windshields for us on multiple vehicles. They are always willing to help and we love them for that.


Here’s a little bit of history for you:


Archy Petrosyan founded Diamond Auto Body in 1994, after working in the industry for 15 years.  His son Arthur wanted to be a part of the business as he watched his dad come and go and knew he enjoyed his career. After graduating from California State University of Fresno, Arthur came on board full time as General Manager. Peter, his brother handles the marketing and social media aspect of the business.

The family is growing with the addition of their first grandchild, only a few weeks old. Archy and his wife Shacke have been married for 32 years. Family values and being good role models are also very important to them.


Currently, Diamond Auto Body is in the expansion process. They are undergoing a remodel of their front offices and hope to be in their new space in the next few months. When I asked where they see themselves in 5 years, Arthur said they want to grow but not too big. They don’t want to lose the quality they provide or the personal touch for their clients.


We highly recommend Diamond Auto Body, their staff and team of specialists. They’ll treat you and your vehicle like one their own.


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