Collecting Experiences

On Sunday, February 12th after church, we took off with our good friends Glenn & Lorraine Jones to soak up some Southern California sun and spend Monday the 13th at Universal Studios. We picked up season passes last July and were determined to get at least 2 trips out of them. It’s always an adventure with Glenn and Lorraine and we’re blessed to have friends that we connect with so effortlessly and enjoy spending time together.


On the way down, we were trying to figure out where to stop in Bakersfield and grab a quick bite to eat. After settling on The Habit (always a good choice) we noticed an ice cream place next door called Creamistry. With our sweet tooths now in high gear, we ventured in after lunch for some ice cream. If you’ve never been there, they freeze the ice cream right in front of you with liquid Nitrogen in a big smokey display. It’s quite something. They have one in Clovis at Herndon and Willow if you’re interested in checking it out. Life is about collecting experiences and this is worth the experience at least once, so go for it.


We made it down to North Hollywood around 4 pm and Glenn and I were exhausted. We’re men after all and it was hard work to sit in the car and drive 4 hours. Not to mention, we stopped and had lunch which further exasperated our declining energy situation.  We pulled into the Sheraton Universal and Linda and I headed for our room while Glenn and Lorraine headed for their room. The problem, though, was Linda and Lorraine were amped up and ready to go.

They quickly formed their plan of attack and were off for some shopping; I didn’t see them for another 5 hours

They quickly formed their plan of attack and were off for some shopping; I didn’t see them for another 5 hours. For me, dinner was served bedside via the room service people and I enjoyed a relaxing evening of watching TV and going to bed early as Linda and Lorraine shopped their little hearts out.


The next day we got an early start. The weather was magnificent, bright, sunny and you could see for miles and miles. We declined the shuttle service and walked up the hill to the entrance of Universal Studios. If you haven’t been there in a while, it’s really a great way to spend the day. It’s a small park and you can easily cover it in a day or less depending on crowds. It wasn’t too busy and we had a great time. The Harry Potter village is amazing and you are truly transported into the movie. We road the Harry Potter roller coaster 3 times and then walked through the Hogwarts castle before moving on to the rest of the park.


Later that day, we took off for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. There really are some bizarre people in the world and I’m thankful to live in Fresno.


We had a great time and the season passes from Costco were worth it. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a 3rd trip in before they expire in July.



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