Client Stories: 5193 Los Altos – Part 1

Creating the Best House on the Street

If you’ve ever read the “Our Story” page on, then you know that Linda and I got our start in real estate by flipping homes. That was a lot of fun for us and when the market is ripe again one day, we’ll be sure to dive back in and resume where we left off prior to opening our brokerage, Green Fin Realty, Inc. The unique experience of rehabbing homes taught us a lot. Specifically, the art of making an emotional connection with a buyer. That is the sweet spot where all the magic happens. When you create just the right environment, you can have buyers competing for your home and obtain over asking offers, which most people would agree, is a good thing. I’m writing about this very thing in The Value-Optimized Approach to Selling Your home. Maximum Profit Doesn’t Just Happen, It has to be Engineered!  This should be available on Amazon later this year, so keep an eye out for this exciting roller coaster of a read.


One of the services we offer through our brokerage is the complete project management of our client’s rehabs to prepare their home for the market. We build the schedules, coordinate the resources, and even pick all the colors and fixtures out. We are keenly aware of how and where to obtain the lowest costs while creating maximum value.

We are keenly aware of how and where to obtain the lowest costs while creating maximum value

We also know what resonates with prospective buyers and achieves full-price offers. This is a full-service turnkey solution that is separate from that of our Value-Optimized Approach that we use with the vast majority of our clients.


In early February, Linda and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Velda and her niece Maria. Velda had been referred to us and would be soon moving into an assisted living home here in Fresno where she would meet new friends and have more of a sense of community. It was bittersweet for her as she’s lived in her home on 5193 Los Altos Avenue since 1994.


We sat and talked with Velda and Maria for the better part of 2 hours. Velda had a storied past and it was fascinating to learn about all of her adventures throughout life. She was a chief airline stewardess for TWA back in the glory days of the airlines and had traveled all over the world. She told me stories of trips to Italy and Rome and pointed to paintings on her wall and explained their origins. Since living on Los Altos Avenue, Velda had been a professor at Fresno City College and several other local colleges where she taught nutrition. It truly was a wonderful time to sit and visit with Velda as she took us on the journey of her life.

I got to work creating the project schedule, coordinating contractors, picking out flooring, carpet, granite, lighting, bathroom and more

When we eventually got around to discussing the specific objectives for selling Velda’s home, it became clear that maximum profit was the needed outcome as the proceeds from the sale of Velda’s home would be contributing towards her new future. After discussing our process and workflow, a preliminary budget was established for a complete update of the house. Velda would be moving out in 3 weeks and our crew would need to be ready to descend upon her Los Altos Avenue home and begin the process of creating the best house on the street.


Immediately, I got to work creating the project schedule, coordinating contractors, picking out flooring, carpet, granite, lighting, bathroom fixtures and the list went on.


Check out before pictures at


After 3 weeks, many problems solved and a flurry of activity, the finishing touches were added through scientific staging. Velda’s home was now complete. Maria and her husband Kevin flew out from the East coast to visit Velda and brought her by one day to see the home. Unfortunately, Linda and I were not able to be there as I would have loved to have seen the look on Velda’s face when she saw her home again for the first time. Maria said she was absolutely overjoyed though and could not believe it was the home she had lived in for so many years.


After pictures, drone videography and our full suite of marketing preparedness, we were ready to go live…


Stay tuned for the conclusion of Velda’s story in Part 2 in a future edition of The Todd and Linda Files.


All the best!



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