Christmas Traditions

Our Holidays are Better Than Ever

When you become a blended family you begin to notice differences right away. How you load the dishwasher, cook your meals, get the kids ready for school in the morning and get yourself ready for the workday.


When you combine two different cultures, well that’s when things become really interesting. Todd comes from a family of 4; mom, dad, and sister. I come from a Hispanic family of 8 plus mom and dad.

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Attitude of Gratitude

We have So Much to be Thankful for


It was a typically busy Friday morning this past Veterans Day. More so as we’re working on a promotional video for our brokerage that will be specifically used for recruiting purposes as we head into 2017. We had the videographer in the office, several agents had client meetings, Linda and I had client meetings, we had a brief team meeting; all while being filmed. To say it was a flurry of activity that Friday morning, would be an understatement. The day slipped away as they often seem to do, and it was after 2pm by the time I was able to go grab lunch.

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Cold Play Concert

Head Full of Dreams – August – Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA

One of the BIG loves of our life, (Todd & I) is listening to Coldplay. Better yet, is seeing them live in concert. So any time they are on tour, we make a point of finding a date and location that works for us, and we head out to join them.

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Autumn Glow

Crushing on Copper

This is such an awesome time of year. The temperatures are cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s around the October time frame that we’re able to sleep with the screen door open off our bedroom to the patio.  The crisp air invites you to pull a blanket up for the first time in a LONG time and it just feels so good. After all, we’ve earned it right? It’s been a long hot summer and we can finally be rewarded with great weather and cheaper PG&E bills. Thank you, God! Continue reading…

Learn to Love Change

When I was a kid, we had telephones on the wall. They were Touchtone’s and they came in 4 amazing colors. The cords were about 18 inches long and if you wanted to talk to anyone, you would basically stand by the wall and everyone in the house could hear your conversation.

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Navigating the Seasons of Life

Learning to Adjust When Life Changes

The speed at which this year has flown by is surreal. No doubt, I’m sure you’ve been thinking the same thing. Here we are, in the midst of transitioning into the best part of the fall season. The weather is changing and with it, ushering in one of the best times of the year here in the Central Valley, in addition to a new season of life for Linda and I. Continue reading…

New Beginnings

See You Soon Luke and Hailey!

A few weeks back, we hosted a going away dinner for our son Luke and his girlfriend Hailey. Luke is headed to Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, and Hailey has now already started at San Diego State; New Beginnings for both of them.

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The Power of Mini Habits!

The Pain Free Way to Create Habits That Stick

Life’s keys to success often seem to hide in plain site right in front of me. However, they consistently evade me. “How did I miss that all this time”, is a familiar thought. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself when you’ve tried to create a new habit or do new things.

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