Get “Big Mo” on your Team!

With the Right kind of Momentum, You can be Unstoppable

If you’ve ever talked to me for longer than 10 minutes, chances are I’ve told you to read The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy. It’s one of my all-time favorite books and I’m going through it right now for the 3rd time. Each new time, it seems a different area of the book resonates with me depending on where I’m at in my personal development at that point in time. Well, this time around, the Compound Effect has re-introduced to a dear friend that comes to visit me from time to time; sometimes when I’m not even expecting him. We’ve spent a lot of time together in various points of my life. And, sometimes I truly long to see him but he’s nowhere to be found. He’s really good friends with people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Michael Phelps, Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan, just to name a few. His name is BIG MO and believe me, you want him on your team because when he arrives, he comes LOUD and PROUD and you’re always happy to see him. Continue reading…

RDL 026: Morning Routine that will Super Charge Your Life!


WD-40 | Squeaky Brain | Supercharge Your Life | Hal Elrod | Miracle Morning

Re-Designed Life Podcast – Episode 26


Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, trend-setters, life-hackers and all around Go-Get’ers! I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to talk about something that has become very important to me; my morning routine. I’m tracking #460 week days in a row now and this has become an integral part of my day and who I’ve become and am becoming. Continue reading…

Autumn Glow

Crushing on Copper

This is such an awesome time of year. The temperatures are cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s around the October time frame that we’re able to sleep with the screen door open off our bedroom to the patio.  The crisp air invites you to pull a blanket up for the first time in a LONG time and it just feels so good. After all, we’ve earned it right? It’s been a long hot summer and we can finally be rewarded with great weather and cheaper PG&E bills. Thank you, God! Continue reading…

Black & Blue

Proper Perspective

If you’re too close, sometimes you can’t see it coming!

Thursday June 16, 2016, is a day I will remember.  Nikki, our 7-year old granddaughter was visiting for the night and we took our usual walk to the golf course. This time though, we each grabbed a golf club so we could play the 3rd hole while we were there.  Nikki hit a few balls off the tee and we then moved to the fairway so we could keep playing towards the green.

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The Re-Designed Life Podcast

How We Fired our 9 to 5!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve just launched the first addition of our podcast, The Re-Designed Life.


Have you ever wondered about starting your own business? Do you have a burning desire within that there is something more for you in the world? Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you operated at your full potential?

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The Story of a Happy Man

Happiness is a choice you always have a say in!

Linda and I love to decorate for Halloween. I suppose it’s a juvenile pseudo holiday that we get enjoyment from. We transform the exterior of our home into a haunted house, complete with a graveyard, skeletons, coffin, fog machines, and a myriad of other fun stuff. We’ll dress up and scare the children and their parents too. I guess truthfully speaking, that’s the part that we enjoy most.

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The Magic Pill

Overnight Success Takes a Long Time!

Recently I had someone solicit advice from me to help them in their newly found desire to take their career to the next level.


I truly do enjoy helping people to open their mind’s eye to their true potential. However, I’ve learned the painful truth that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to success and this is not something that I can help someone with. Continue reading…

My Dad

Simple Pleasures Back in the Day!


When I was a little girl, my dad used to make us  “raspados”. That’s shaved ice in English. He had this hand held rectangular device that looked like a cheese grater on one side and the other had a flap that the ice would come out of. Continue reading…