Client Stories: 3284 W Stuart Avenue

Patience, Persistence and Creative Problem Solving

“Todd and Linda, Thank you for holding our hands through this crazy ordeal.  We are so excited we all made it out the other side.  You guys have been wonderful problem solvers through this process and that skill was especially apparent when the deal went sideways on us.  Thanks for everything and for not giving up.  We appreciate all your work.  Have a wonderful weekend.” – Darrell and Zoua

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A New Chapter Unfolds

Client Stories: 6339 N. Babigian Avenue

Green Fin made the process very easy.  They showed me exactly what I needed to do to sell my house for top dollar and worked with us patiently as we narrowed down what we were looking for in our next house. We were beyond excited to have multiple offers over listing price on our home within a week of it being on the market!” – Daniel Bunker

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Top Gun Clients!

Fresno Real Estate Client Stories

Client Stories: 6195 N. Vista Avenue

Fresno Real Estate Client Stories

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we have the best clients in the business, bar none! And, Les and Emy embody this statement in a profound way.

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When Preparation, Price & Promotion Align!

Client Stories: 731 N. Fowler Avenue

Late last year we received a call from Steve who had been referred to us by our wonderful friend and awesome Account Manager, Robyn Albert at Chicago Title. With our background in remodeling and updating homes, Steve asked if Linda and I would mind taking a look at his home and provide recommendations on what could be done to realize the highest possible resale value.

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We are blessed! What More Needs to be Said?

Client Stories: 2589 W. Wrenwood Avenue


Sometimes there is just no other way to put it. Linda and I actually talk about this on a regular basis. We feel blessed. Blessed to have a wonderful and fulfilling marriage. Blessed to have a wonderful and loving family. Blessed to have been given the opportunity to open and run a business. Blessed with the people that have crossed our path. Continue reading…

Just in the nick of time

Fresno Real Estate

Darlene’s Story of Triumph

We’re so grateful and appreciative of our wonderful friends and clients. To have a client say something like the statement below is very humbling. We carry these comments with us as they and their circumstances have touched our lives in very meaningful ways.

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