Business Spotlight: Mike’s Barbecue

Best Tri-Tip in Fresno

If you’ve lived in Fresno for any length of time or even the Central Valley for that matter, then you know we’re serious about our Tri-Tip sandwiches in this town. Periodically, we’ve had guests from different parts of the country and when we offer to BBQ some Tri-Tip, they’re like “A Tri what?” They have no idea what it is. I don’t know if Tri-Tip is local to the Western United States or even closer but, I don’t really care. I’m just glad we get our Tri-Tip on in this town.

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Business Spotlight: G’s Creamery – Ice Cream & Sweet Buns

My Buns Are Sweeter than Yours

I think we can all agree that time flies by, seemingly faster each and every year. This marks the 12th volume of this newsletter and 1 years passage of time. For those of you that have been keeping up with us, you know that Linda and I are earnestly trying to make changes with our eating and overall healthy lifestyle. Truth be told, Linda is out in front on this and I’m trying to keep up with her. She’s learned a ton about eating healthier to, so if you ever have questions, Linda is the better person to ask. We are however real people and not fanatics, to say the least. If you bump into us at Me-n-Eds over a pizza then you know the struggle is real. Continue reading…

Business Spotlight: The Inn at Avila Beach

Imagine your Best Friends Beach House

It’s fun being spontaneous, wouldn’t you agree? On a whim, I’ll get a call from Linda or visa versa and we’ll decide to get out of Fresno for the night (or weekend). This is more common in the heat of the summer and the conversation tends to go something like this – Me: It’s going to be 110 this weekend. Linda: Let’s get the heck out of here. Me: Alright, I can be ready by 3 pm. Linda: I’ll make a reservation. And so it goes… Continue reading…

Business Spotlight: Jeffrey Cook Videography

Telling People’s Stories – Jeff Cook, Story Teller

Most of you that know me also know that I’m a bit of a tech geek. From photography, videography, websites, podcast, Photoshop, you name it, I’ve got my hands into it at some level and I’m not afraid to learn new forms of technology or software applications. When you start to develop these types of skill sets, it hone’s your senses in and makes you aware of others that share in your same passions. Jeff Cook is one of those people that stood out and caught my attention. Continue reading…

Business Spotlight: PC Pierce

Website Extraordinaire – All Around Great Guy!

When you start a business it’s truly a daunting task. You have decision after decision that needs to be made. And, these are not inconsequential decisions. They are important. From coming up with a name that is both catchy and memorable, to developing a brand, you need to be on point and on message. When we founded Green Fin Realty, Inc back in 2014, we knew that to become successful marketers in the Digital Age, we had to be very strategic, and with that, our website was going to be of utmost importance. We mapped out strategies to drive online traffic to our featured landing pages and optimize for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our website would be the hub of our hub and spoke design.

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Premier Home Inspections – Dan Aguirre

Simply The Best

As a real estate professional, we always want to make sure we are using reputable companies and vendors for our clients. As you grow in this business, you learn that not everyone is looking out for your clients. Unfortunately, some are in it just for the money and not to help people. You quickly learn who’s word you can trust and who’s word means nothing.

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Diamond Auto Body

Diamond Auto Body

Simply as good as it gets!

You can go many years without needing their services or you can be there all the time.  I must say, although I’ve been nicknamed Evil Knievel since I was old enough to drive, I rarely caused an accident. Notice I said, “caused”.

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