Business Spotlight: Mike’s Barbecue

Best Tri-Tip in Fresno

If you’ve lived in Fresno for any length of time or even the Central Valley for that matter, then you know we’re serious about our Tri-Tip sandwiches in this town. Periodically, we’ve had guests from different parts of the country and when we offer to BBQ some Tri-Tip, they’re like “A Tri what?” They have no idea what it is. I don’t know if Tri-Tip is local to the Western United States or even closer but, I don’t really care. I’m just glad we get our Tri-Tip on in this town.


About a year ago, I was introduced to Mike’s Grill by @chowinthe559 which is the Instagram handle for my good friend Justin Pierce. Check him out on Instagram for some good local restaurant reviews.


I had never heard of Mike’s Grill so didn’t have any expectations, to be honest. They operate out of a shack on the SE corner of Herndon / Cedar and when you turn left into the shopping center you’ll see their big smoker firing away right off of Cedar Ave.  When you see the shack, two thoughts cross your mind. The first, “Wow, not much for ambiance, what am I getting myself into” or “They’re lean, mean and all about the food here” Rest assured, they are all about the food at Mike’s Grill. They don’t waste too much energy on the dining experience and once you dig in, you’ll know why and could care less that you’re sitting under a tent in a parking lot.

The Tri-Tip sandwiches at Mike’s Grill are good. REAL GOOD

Opened around October of 2009, Mike’s Grill has been entertaining the taste buds of Fresnan’s for quite some time now. The Tri-Tip sandwiches at Mike’s Grill are good. REAL GOOD. It’s fun taking new people over there for lunch and watching them process the experience and wonder why the heck I’ve taken them there. That is until the first bite sinks in.


Mike uses a mixture of Almond and Applewood on his grill. It works together to create a wonderful smoked flavor that is just right and not overpowering. The portions are generous but not too much like at some of the local spots where you have to remove half of the meat so you’re even able to bite into it. The BBQ sauce is on the light side but they give you a side with your sandwich for dipping and it’s delicious.


One of the unique things about Mike’s is the hoagie roll they serve the sandwiches on. It’s basically some seriously good herb-buttered garlic bread.

It’s basically some seriously good herb-buttered garlic bread

When you bite into this sandwich, your brain is processing a lot of sensory information from your taste buds and it’s a pretty awesome experience.  The sides are good too. I’ve personally tried the rice pilaf and also the baked beans and can recommend them both.


Mike’s Grill also offers several there items on the menu such as Chicken and Ribs, but I’ve only tried the Tri-Tip so far. If the other items are like the Tri-Tip, then I’m sure they are also really good.


If you happen to find yourself around Herndon and Cedar, take our advice and stop in and give Mike’s Grill a try. Your taste buds will thank you for it!


Check them out:


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