Are you Bulletproof?

As we continue our journey into adulthood we notice our bodies changing. We are no longer invincible or taut & firm. The six packs are now 2 packs if we’re lucky. We work out and try to eat right but the challenge is real. Fast food restaurants on every corner.


I have always been one to look for natural health alternatives whether it’s supplements or the foods we eat. As a result, Todd and I have a line up of vitamins we take daily. Last year, while listening to various podcasts, Todd kept hearing about Bullet Proof Coffee and how it was really good for your body and brain so he decided we should try it out. We discussed our journey on our podcast, The Re-Designed Life. Check it out at:

Most coffee beans that we are consuming in America today are contaminated with Mold Toxins which is a health hazard. Bulletproof Coffee removes these Mold Toxins, known as Mycotoxins.

It’s sort of a rocket fuel that is food for your brain

Our Bulletproof morning routine is not just coffee. It’s a blended concoction that includes grass fed butter and Brain Octane which is high grade MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil. It’s sort of a rocket fuel that is food for your brain. I was very suspicious about drinking this, I mean really? What are you doing to my old faithful cup of Jo?  I decided I would not be the stick in the mud I wanted to be and I would give it a shot. I watched the how-to video and then jumped in with two feet. Blender ready…Bullet Proof Coffee Ready…Grass fed butter ready…Brain Octane ready…and we’re ready for takeoff.


I was surprised to find that butter instead of creamer, is not really that different in taste. It actually added a nice flavor. It was rich, warm and tasted delicious!! And it was better for my body due to the organic nature of the butter and the MCT oil is just what was needed to perk up the brain and clear the dreaded brain fog we have all experienced. Who would have ever thought to add grass fed butter to your coffee in the morning and oil?


So what is Bullet Proof coffee and why is it different?


Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof was a Silicon Valley Investor and technology entrepreneur who spent $300,000.00 and 2 decades hacking his own biology.  Asprey, a self proclaimed Bio Hacker, has lost 100 pounds without counting calories and used techniques to upgrade his brain and lift his IQ by 20 points. He also says he has lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time. Asprey founded Bulletproof Coffee in 2013 and it has taken off. Through his journey, Asprey discovered that most coffee beans contain high levels of mycotoxins and that this “steals your mental edge and actually makes you weak.” Bulletproof is “upgraded” beans, which are advertised as having undergone a proprietary process to reduce mycotoxin levels which is a species of mold known to make people sluggish.


You can read more about Dave Asprey or listen to various Podcasts where he is routinely a guest of.


Here’s the recipe we follow each morning:

Bullet Proof Coffee – We fill our Keurig filter cup each night before we go to bed so it’s ready to go bright and early the next morning.

1 tablespoon of grass-fed unsalted butter.

1 tablespoon of “Brain Octane” oil.

Blend for 20–30 seconds until frothy. We use a hand held milk frother which works great and leaves a nice crema on the top similar to an espresso.


Todd and I know that life is short and we want to make the most of our time here on planet Earth. We are always open to exploring natural, in the ground, off the tree, organic products or fruits to provide a better alternative to being healthy. The last thing either one of us wants to be is stuck taking prescription drugs for something that mother nature can prevent.


The goal for all of us should be, to know what we are putting into our bodies and look for the nutritional value instead of how it makes us feel in the moment. We have become keenly aware of the fact that eating can be emotional for many of us, and we blindly follow the habits we’ve created for ourself.  Our goal is to look at food as nutritional and cut that which is not. We are noticing a significant difference in the past few months with our eating too. When we eat organic foods, we’re not craving sugary foods as much, which is a really good thing. We’re also feeling better overall and we will continue to rediscover how to keep our minds and body in shape.


Try out the recipe and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you. Cheers to you and your cup of jo!

Todd Mitchell

We are best friends, partners, parents, business owners, constant learners, goal setters, serial entrepreneurs, authors and above all, authentic.

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