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From Un-sellable to SOLD

Lately, Linda and I have been getting called on a frequent occurrence to come and consult with homeowners after they have been unsuccessful selling with other real estate agents.  Our business is almost entirely word of mouth so, in our second full year of business as owners/operators of Green Fin Realty, word is starting to get out about our competitions inability to keep pace with our results.

It had been listed with 2 separate real estate agents for a combined total of 133 days on the market

As we sat in our office conference room, we met Esther for the first time. Esther had been referred to us and she recounted her story of frustration over trying to sell her home. It had been listed with 2 separate real estate agents for a combined total of 133 days on the market and Esther was worn out, stressed, and ready to feel that she was being assisted by a results oriented company that would tell her what exactly needed to be done. I would have been frustrated as well had I been in Esther’s shoes. She had been through a lot at this point and she needed results. After thoroughly discussing, our Documented-Approach and client engagement process, Esther wanted to know more and requested that we come onsite to her home and continue the conversation.


We made a follow-up appointment and walked Esther’s home, as we do with all of our Value-Driven clients (, front to back and room by room. We discussed in detail the aspects of making the appropriate first impression with prospective buyers through what we call, strategic staging. We worked out a project timeline and immediately scheduled resources to come to Esther’s home and begin the process of properly preparing the home for the market. I will admit, after 133 days on the market, Esther was skeptical. You only truly get one chance at a first impression and this had already long since occurred. This makes our job considerably more difficult even with all the right things being done this time around.


When working through our Value-Optimized Approach, we always follow the same step by step process. We always list on the same day of the week, and always accept offers in a similar fashion, typically, Monday evenings at 5pm. Every aspect is controlled. The process is rigid, and it can seem overwhelming. But, it has proven to produce very predictable results. However, we don’t only utilize the Value-Driven approach when selling clients homes, it’s just one option to choose from and is thoroughly discussed up front. The path that is best for your situation is always a key decision point as it may not be the Value-Optimized Approach.


After several weeks of preparation, we were finished and ready to launch our coming soon campaign and subsequently roll right into the just listed campaign. We never advise that clients accept offers earlier than 4 days and this is for very strategic reasons. As a brokerage, we are averaging 6 days on the market with our listings (Average for Fresno this time of year was 39 days) but we knew that Esther’s home, with 133 days previously on the market was going to be harder.


After 20+ showings, Esther’s home went into contract in only 20 days and she was exhilarated. As with most of our listings, no buyer requested list of repairs was even presented and we closed on time and without incident.


In contrast, this was a much different experience for Esther and she couldn’t have been more thrilled. We keep in touch with Esther on a regular basis and has become a family friend. We truly are blessed as this is the case with the vast majority of our clients. We strive to conduct business with people that we personally feel affinity with. People with commonality of beliefs. People that we like hanging out with at a BBQ.


This is the reason we can only take a few listings on at a time. We invest a considerable amount of hands-on time and work closely with people. If you are interested in working with us, give us a call at 559-439-2820. We’d love to hear from you.


Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell

We are best friends, partners, parents, business owners, constant learners, goal setters, serial entrepreneurs, authors and above all, authentic.

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