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Earlier this year we received a referral from Tonya Houze-Woods. We sold Tonya’s home in the late summer of 2016 and had a great time working with her not only on the sale of her home but also the purchase of her new home which is beautiful and fits her like a glove. Here’s a shout out to Tonya to say THANK YOU for the referral of her good friends, Jim and Karen. Since our business is mostly all by referral, we truly are appreciative to all of our clients and friends that put the word out for us.


When Karen called us in early 2017, she let us know that she would be getting married in the summer and needed to sell her home. As we typically do, we discussed our various selling strategies and what was involved with each. When you sell your home, the heavy lifting is all done in the preparation stage. After all, your home is the most expensive asset you own, isn’t it worth it to you to spend 4 weeks or so preparing it for the market so you can maximize your potential profit with the sale? Karen definitely thought so and wanted to proceed with our Value-Optimized Approach. And, with that, we were off to the races to begin the work of building schedules, timelines and coordinating resources.


About mid-way through the process, Karen called one day and let us know that there had been a change in plans. Karen and her fiancé Jim, had decided to keep Karen’s home and in turn, sell Jim’s home as they worked to consolidate households after their marriage. Karen asked us to reach out to Jim as soon as possible get to work getting his home prepared.

We discussed some specific strategies and items that needed to be addressed during the preparation stage


When we met Jim, he was warm and welcoming. We talked through many of the same things we had previously discussed with Karen. However, Jim already knew most of it as he had been diligently working with Karen on the preparation of her home. After walking Jim’s house, we discussed some specific strategies and items that needed to be addressed during the preparation stage and before the grand debut. If you solve buyer objections up front, it really greases the proverbial skids for a successful launch and ultimately a smooth and predictable escrow. One of our motto’s is, “If You Open Strong, Closing Strong Is Just the Natural Next Step.” Our team got to work on making Jim’s home mimic a model home and elicit the highest obtainable emotional response from prospective buyers.


The featured video was viewed 8,807 times resulting in 638 clicks back to

And, the emotional response was indeed strong. We had one of our most successful Coming-Soon campaigns ever launched. Our precision targeted advertising made 15,590 impressions to folks whose user profiles matched “ready to buy” criteria and had the available income to qualify to purchase. Of that, the featured video was viewed 8,807 times resulting in 638 clicks back to


It’s nice to say that for 1393 E Salem Ave, there was 35+ showings and so many offers which you’ve seen us write about in previous Client Stories. However, we can’t say that in this particular case. Jim’s home was viewed (in-person) just one time. And with that, came a full-price offer. Jim’s home sold in 0 days on the market. It was the right decision for Jim to make and we can’t thank him enough for his diligence and hard-work during the preparation process of listing his home. Following the Value-Optimized Approach is not for the faint of heart. It requires hard work and determination but it always pays off in the end. There were absolutely no issues during escrow and we actually closed early. This is what we mean when we say that we strategically create the outcome you want, in advance. That is exactly what happened here.


Jim and Karen are now married and we’re super excited for them both. Thank you for your trust and faith in us, our process, and our company. We truly appreciate you both and wish you all the happiness in the world as you start your life together.


Todd & Linda


Todd Mitchell

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